Why you must not stay at Ruboni community camp

The camp

Ruboni community camp is located in the Rwenzori foothills. It seats on an altitude of 1700m at the base of this mountains range. It is located on the trailhead to the park at Ibanda-Nyakalengijo central circuit gate. This camp accommodates up to 20 people a night and is accessible by a good road, with onsite safe parking. this camp is getting popular. most people seem to visit without knowing what to expect and they end up getting surprised. It can be booked through many platforms such as google maps, booking.com, majority of tour operators, trip advisor, and Uganda community tourism association or on its own website

The mountains:

It is obvious that if you don’t love mountains scenery, you should not visit Ruboni community camp or even plan to stay there. The camp gives you the best of the Rwenzori views. People who don’t love mountains will have a hard time ignoring this scenic view. People who have very limited days and not prepared to explore the mountain have also found a challenge. This is because it was hard for them to say bye to this place after a short visit or a lunch break. The camp is located at the base of the hill outside the community, in the outskirts of Uganda and gives one of the realistic experiences of Uganda’s rural life. This site has been regenerated into a forest and it gives maximum silence and attention to nature in a perfect mix of forests, scenery and the indigenous people. If you like large crowds and a lot of noise during your stay, this camp may not work for you and you better choose a different location.

How many people have visited Ruboni:

Ruboni community camp is off the beaten path. This location makes a very good stop if added on the low land safari of Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks. It is a unique place surrounded by mountains and an extended view into the Rwenzori’s over the Mubuku valley. Those doing a lowland safari, please be warned that you may be tempted to climb the mountains because this beauty is truly astonishing. Also, if you do have some spare time on your travel plan, it is easy to arrange interesting trekking activities on short notice. To do this, just check if you have any locked activities such as chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park or Gorilla tracking in Bwindi/ Mgahinga National Parks. These two tickets are not transferable.

self-contained Bandas

What is the accommodation like?

Besides the wonderful view and a quiet atmosphere in a forest setting at Ruboni community camp, they offer one of the best accommodation in the area. It is simple but good with self-contained and none self-contained rooms and a camping option. An onsite restaurant offers a range of delicious meals. All the facilities; rooms and restaurant have a balcony that opens to the views of mountain Rwenzori.

Who should visit or stay at Ruboni community camp:

Those looking for mountain views and a quiet moment in a natural setting will find a perfect home at Ruboni community camp. Ruboni community camp is a potential accommodation that both the travelers and the community are pleased of, and these are the nine (9) reasons why;

Location closest to the park gate:

It is located on the trailhead to the Rwenzori mountains central circuit trail. This offers the trekkers easy access to the entry gate. The central circuit gate is the oldest and easiest to access the high peaks.

Have the best views:

When you stay at Ruboni community camp, the mountain is always calling you. The views, the breeze, and the scenery. You will remain in contact with the mountains before or after the trek.

Offers the best food in the area:

A well trained and experienced local chef offers the best food with locally grown ingredients. They offer three-course meals and they present a menu to choose from.

The staff is friendly and hospitable:

All the staff is 100% local youth. They have been trained and working here for a long time until they have attained a high level of knowledge of the guest expectations and the local area, their home. They will be happy and willing to show you everything during your stay.

The rooms are clean and well taken care of:

Self-contained rooms with running water. They have a separate toilet and shower. The none self-contained rooms have shared toilets and showers. All guest rooms are attended to every day.

The blacksmith
They have a long list of local activities to participate in:

While here, mountain trekking, low land walks, forest walks and cultural activities are easy to arrange on short notice or on arrival. Guests can choose to trek the high peaks or the foothills. Visiting the local homes to participate in their local livelihood trades is also possible.

They can arrange Rwenzori trekking more affordably:

Now the camp can arrange your treks into the Rwenzori Mountains, unlike in the past. They can organize Rwenzori treks starting from one to over eight days exploring the high multi-level peaks of Rwenzori over the five vegetation zones. The accommodation prices are affordable and fit every traveler budget in the multiple accommodation options or tour packages.

They are indigenous community-owned and run with experience of over ten years:

This makes it suitable for people who want to travel local and meet the indigenous tribes. The staff and guides will take you to the village households to show you the local life. They will explain their relation to the local natural resources and allow you to participate in a number of their life processes.

Recently upgraded:

If you visited sometime back or you have heard about Rwenzori, expect god changes. The camp has been upgraded to make it cozier for the day guests or those staying overnight. Come and try the new improvements as you quench your love for mountains, forests, and indigenous people.

With Ruboni community camp, you’re undoubtedly in the right place. This is if, in your trip, you have been looking for intimacy to nature. You will definitely like the Rwenzori and Ruboni community camp. It is also an opportunity to meet the indigenous peoples and participate in their way of life. The great food and hospitality cannot be underrated in this interesting community. Please contact us to give you more information, arrange your stay or share the Rwenzori trekking options to choose from.