#1 great community accommodation in Murchison

Are you looking for accommodation in Murchison falls National Park?

Access to Murchison falls National park can be quite challenging. This is especially common for people going to do a safari in this park for the first time or on public transportation.

Your ultimate accommodation in Murchison

Well, we have an option and this wont be a challenge to many who are lucky to find this post. This is how you will find an accommodation that is on the route, easy to book and next to the national park. It is probably the cheapest accommodation in this destination, yet giving the greatest value in offering the local story of life in and around this park.

It is Boomu women’s campsite. It is located in Kigaragara village, 13km from Masindi town at the gate to the national park. the road to this accommodation is well tarmacked and easy to find from Masindi town.

accommodation in murchison

Why you must choose Boomu

Boomu women’s campsite is a social project run by women. Staying at this accommodation gives you access to many community experiences. Staying at the campsite is a local experience on its own. The local foods and ingredients, meeting the local women, the village setting and landscape all create an ambient setting.

To go an extra mile deeper, you can participate in the village tours organized by the women at the lodge. These include the village walk, the cooking tour, the basket weaving experience, the traditional dances, visiting or volunteering at the local school they support or shopping handicrafts from the shop on site.

You get a lot of added value to your safari if you choose Boomu women’s campsite. We have driver guides that can pick or transfer you to any part of the area. From Masindi town, you can arrive by bus on your way to Kampala and the rest will be well handled by our drivers (at an additional fee)

If you want to do it yourself, we give you guiding information on how to look for the Boda-boda or sopecial hire in Masindi town. The distance is 13km and easy to take by any means of transport from bicycle, motorcycle or car, on a well all-season paved road.

Location of the campsite

Boomu is located near to Budongo forest. We easily organize chimp trekking in Budongo forest, arrangement of a wildlife safari in Murchison falls or just a visit to the top of the falls to view the wonderful of the worlds longest river.

Important to note, Boomu women’s campsite is located outside the park. This way, it doesn’t require park entrance fee when you stay. As the park entrance fee lasts 24 ours, you can pay the next day and have a longer tenure of using it on the following days during the safari activities. For those who want to get the feel of Murchison falls people and landscapes without entering in the park, this works for you very well. during your stay, you can just walk to the park gate and meet the people to tell you the story of the park.

Food and diet in this accommodation

Boomu women’s camp offers delicious meals. The lodge offers vegetarian and vegetarian options. Most of the meal ingredients are locally sources and fresh. This is one reason you should book in advance and tell them if you want to have a meal with them on arrival. Upon booking, Edna calls the community members to deliver some of their produce.

Community development support is a big component of this lodge. As it is owned by a local women’s cooperative, it is also 100% run by local labor. The income generated is reinvested in the local community. some of the activities supported are; a local primary school construction and management, feeding the local children who cant afford a daily lunch at school, supporting immunization programs, establishment of women’s household enterprises and many others.

During the stay, the teal will be happy to tell you more and show you around the village. you will realize that this money is truly put to the best use building community wildlife relations between the people of Kigaragara village.

Boomu women’s group is cash only. However, we do provide credit card payment option for those who can’t manage to travel with cash. For this reason, a credit card invoice will only be sent on request.

You get great discounts and support on the rest of your trip

One last and most important component of this lodge, it is one of the network of community lodges supported by UCOTA around the country. It is also linked to the lodges that are promoted by Rain-forest ad community tours. Specifically, if you stay at Boomu women’s campsite, you will be entitled to discounts at these two lodges;

If you will visit these accommodations after Murchison falls, better claim your discounts at these lodges. It will also be possible if you will stay at Boomu afterwards, as long as you have made your booking to Boomu.

We wish you a wonderful safari in Murchison falls national park that starts with a memorable stay at Boomu women’s campsite.