1 new opportunity for tree lovers trekking the Rwenzori Mountains.

“We are empowering Conservation Through Trekking the Rwenzori Mountains: Join Us in Restoring the Rwenzori Landscape”

At our core, we recognize that the majority of trekkers and nature enthusiasts are passionate about trees. However, we understand the importance of verifying this assumption with each guest who visits. That’s why we’ve developed a compelling trekking product tailored to this audience—a unique experience that allows everyone to contribute to tree planting simply by trekking. Are you the kind of trekker who seeks to invest in experiences that empowers conservation through giving back to local communities and the environment?

Our pioneering product is inspired by the ethos of tree planting and environmental conservation initiated by the local community of Ruboni village in 1998, nestled in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. On February 24, 1998, 50 local individuals united to form the Ruboni Community Conservation and Development Program (RCCDP). Since its inception, RCCDP has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at fostering local community engagement in environmental conservation, with a focus on ensuring sustainable development for future generations.

In collaboration with Rainforest and Community Tours and the Ruboni community, we’ve revolutionized the way treks are organized in the Rwenzori Mountains. Each trek is now an opportunity to make a tangible impact by planting trees. Our approach is rooted in the understanding that most trekkers are eager to contribute to environmental causes. As a result, every trek guarantees several benefits for the Rwenzori landscape and its communities:

  • Tree planting is integrated into every trek without increasing the trek price.
  • We prioritize supporting community-owned and operated tourism activities.
  • All proceeds from treks remain within the community to fuel community development and conservation efforts.
  • Our tourism activities often venture off the beaten path, offering unique and authentic experiences.

For those seeking further insights into RCCDP’s journey and our partnership with Rainforest and Community Tours, we invite you to explore Ruboni website. Rainforest and Community Tours is a community-owned and operated tour company established in 2006, dedicated to promoting locally-owned tourism enterprises across Uganda. We provide comprehensive support, including product development, marketing, and sales assistance, to these community ventures, which often receive minimal support from mainstream tourism entities and public sectors. These communities are the custodians of the natural resources and cultural heritage that visitors to Uganda’s destinations experience firsthand.

Trekking the rwenzori mountains

To date, we’ve extended support to over 20 community tourism enterprises across various destinations, including the ten national parks in rural Uganda. Among our beneficiaries is the Ruboni Community Camp in the Rwenzori destination. An exciting new endeavor underway in the Ruboni community is the Ruboni Tourism Village initiative, encompassing a range of community tourism enterprises within the village, extending beyond the Ruboni Community Camp.

Are you looking at trekking the Rwenzori mountains any time?

If you’re ready to embark on a trek and contribute to tree planting, look no further. Our offerings cater to all travelers and trekkers, ensuring that at least 30 trees are planted within the region, predominantly on the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, with every organized trek, Ruboni village overnight hill trek, or excursion booked through us. Proceeds allocated for tree planting support various initiatives, including the maintenance of community tree nurseries, procurement of tree seedlings, and local conservation awareness programs.

Embark on a fulfilling trek with a local indigenous tour company or guides in the Rwenzori Mountains. Rest assured, there’s no green-washing here. You’re welcome to actively participate in or visit tree planting project sites during your stay, ensuring transparency and authenticity in your experience.

Through these treks, we’re addressing a pressing issue. Local communities and the global community have recognized the retreat of glaciers on the Rwenzori mountains and the escalating pressure on arable land neighboring the national park. Landslides pose an annual threat to communities residing near main rivers like Mubuku, Nyamwamba, Rwembyo, and Nyamugasani. These challenges underscore the urgent need to restore and preserve the landscape.

We appreciate your commitment to being part of the solution to global and community landscape restoration needs. Whenever you’re ready to book your trekking adventure, we’re here to make it happen.