7 stakeholders supporting Indigenous Trees

In the ideal situation, there is a reduction of indigenous trees by growing more coffee. here we are doing the opposite. we are making sure we plant 5 trees for every one existing coffee plant. we are promoting improved farming of coffee. the farmer practice agro forestry by inter-cropping their coffee gardens with trees.

On the hill tops, the households have left the land to create a pure indigenous forest. On these tips, we are planting fruit and indigenous trees to control excessive erosion that starts from the top.

Are you interested in promoting shade coffee? here is an opportunity to support indigenous trees in Ruboni village. We have already set a goal that you can align with. We are collaborating with farmers to ensure they restore hilltops with indigenous and fruit trees.

This will help to integrate their coffee cultivation with indigenous and fruit trees. Over the years, Ruboni village members have observed low crop yields, harsh climate conditions, and have established a collective goal that we intend to achieve with our conservation and development stakeholders.

indigenous trees

Who are Our Stakeholders in this Indigenous Trees Campaign?

The first stakeholder is you who is reading this post right now. Thank you for finding and or following our conservation and development work in Ruboni village, Rwenzori Mountains foothills. Our other stakeholders include the local community, the local government, tourists visiting the area, conservation organizations, donors of all types, and buyers of our produce. Here’s how each of our stakeholders will contribute to our goal. never the less, you may also fall in one of the following categories of stakeholders that we target for this initiative.

1) Local Community:

The community offers their land to plant the trees, both on the hilltops as forests and on their farm plots as agro-forestry projects.

2) Local Government:

The Kasese District local government has provided us with policy support and backing. We work directly with the district forest officer, the district environment officer, and other conservation partners of the district. The support provided mainly includes seedlings, field visits, associated technical advice, linkages, and advocacy.

3) Travelers Visiting Rwenzori:

Visitors coming to Rwenzori can assist us in various ways. When they buy tourism products, they provide much-needed income. Part of this income supports conservation projects, and part is retained by the community as an alternative livelihood, diverting farmers from over dependence on land. All visitors booking through Ruboni tourism village, do the activities at Ruboni community camp and the elephant home have supported our activities through their stay. Some tourists may go the extra mile and support tree planting projects directly, secure land critically degraded for restoration, or provide assistance in other ways based on prevailing challenges.

4) Conservation Organizations:

Partnering with conservation organizations holds significant potential, bringing various resources on board. These may include technical support in the form of human resources or advice, grants in the form of cash, or purchasing seedlings.

5) Donors of All Types:

Acquiring cash donations is complex but highly useful. Such donations enable us to allocate resources to specific needs of tree planting projects. Therefore, we will continue fundraising for this opportunity.

6) Buyers of Our Produce:

Buyers of our produce, such as coffee, bananas, vegetables, and others, play a crucial role in providing much-needed income. These buyers can further contribute by demanding environmentally friendly production and paying better prices or agreeing to better terms. This will motivate good practices that align with our goal.

What Can You Do to Support Our Goal?

You can also do something, and be the seventh stakeholder to help us plant even more trees. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! Any level of love for nature adds value to our journey. You have something within your reach and possibility that you can contribute to support our greening goal. Please let us know if you have any opportunity to explore.

Together we can make a stride that increases the tree cover through our various tree planting activities on the Rwenzori foothills!