8 daily steps, trek to Margarita Peak -Rwenzori

The journey of your trek to margarita peak requires good preparation. Remember, this peak is the highest point of Rwenzori mountains on mount Stanley, and therefore you need the best preparation for the most challenging mountain on the African continent. Not only challenging, but most beautiful too! Trekking to this memorable peak is connected to most Rwenzori trekking routes that also show the best Uganda mountain biodiversity; on all the three northern, southern and central circuit trails.

We create the bast peak time for you. If you want to enjoy your time in Rwenzori Mountains National Park, follow the following steps that bring you from the entrance to the exit time after the seven days journey.

Day 1: Nyakalengija – Nyabitaba 2632m:

On the first trekking day, we start Rwenzori climbing. After a briefing with the local community porters and guides, you will trek from 1646 meters to Nyabitaba hut at 2632 m. the trek is mainly through the lush forest and under the canopy. You have opportunities of viewing bushbucks, primates, birds, and sometimes you will cross the fresh spoors of the forest elephants. Dinner and overnight at the mountain camp. (5hrs)

Day 2: Nyabitaba-John math 3.414m:

On the second trekking day, Leave Nyabitaba and take the central circuit loop anticlockwise. The trail leads to the crossing point of rivers Mubuku and Bujuku. You will then reach Nyamuleju hut at 3000 meters a simple shelter among rocks. You will then hike for another 3 hours and reach John Matte hut at 3414 meters and spend the night. (7 hrs)

Day3: John Mathe – Bujuku 3962m:

The third trekking day offers the ultimate Uganda mountain expedition with open views over the landscape. This day will lead you to Bujuku hut after 5 hours of hiking passing through the Bigo bog where there is an old shelter. Bujuku hut is located at 3962 meters near the Bujuku Lake in a valley among 3 mountains: Mt Stanley, Mt Baker, and Mt Speke. (5hrs)

Day 4: From Bujuku Hut to Elena Hut, 4.540 m.

Your journey today leave you one day to reach the Rwenzori glaciers. From Bujuku Hut climb through moss draped groundsel vegetation to Scott Elliot Pass, 4.372 m., between Mt. Baker and Stanley. Here you divert to Elena Hut, 4.540 m. for spending the night before climbing Mt. Stanley.

trek to margarita

Day 5: Trek to Margarita peak, From Elena Hut to margarita back to Kitandara hut, 4.023 m.

Today, you’re at the climax of the Uganda alpine scenery on the mountains of the moon. From Elena Hut you ascend the last tract of rock and ice which leads to Margherita Peak on Mt. Stanley, 5.109 m. The time to complete the climbing is about 3 hours. The peak was first climbed by the Duke of Abruzzi at 9.30 am on 18th June 1.906. After you descend to Upper Kitandara Lake and through thick mud to Lower Kitandara Lake where Kitandara Hut is located, 4.023 m. Time to complete the hike about 3 hours more. From Kitandara Hut you can proceed to climb Mount Baker or Mount Luigi di Savoia and the peak Vittorio Sella. Enjoy the view of Mt. Luigi di Savoia.

Day 6: From Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut, 3.261 m.

Some people consider the fifth trekking day as hard as the second! After crossing Fresh Field pass head for the new Guy Yeoman hut at 3261 meters. In case of fog or bad weather, it could be hard to follow the trail and remember that the last part is full of bogs. Before Guy Yeoman hut there are other two shelters: Bujongolo and Kaijongo. Bujongolo is well known for having been the base camp of Luigi di Savoia, Duke of Abruzzi who conquered and fully explored the Rwenzori in 1906. (6hrs)

Day 7:Guy yeoman – Nyabitaba 2632 m:

The sixth trekking day is dedicated to descending to the camp of Nyabitaba. On the descent, there are some tricky points since the terrain is often slippery and boggy. After Kichunchu rock the trail will become easier passing through bamboo forests interesting and a favorite for those who want to do bird-watching in Uganda. (5-6 hrs)

Day 8:Nyabitaba – Base camp/ Nyakalengija:

The seventh trekking day return to the Rwenzori Mountains National Park headquarters Ruboni community. After a well-earned rest with the entire trekking group, porters, and guides, you go to Ruboni community camp for dinner and a night. (3hrs)