A budget lodge that is making a great impact on the people and the environment

A simple budget lodge that makes an impact on the people and the environment

Here is a simple budget lodge making an impact on the people and environment. It is our guests’ favorite, and we believe you may like it.

This is a case where traveling simply, has enhanced community happiness when they have understood the benefit of wild animals. We can now prove that people who have braved traveling cheap have not only got the advantage of meeting the people but also have met the wildlife in the most friendly way, have got the highest hospitality, have spent directly into the community, and have had a more hands-on experience in the true Ugandan life.

This might be the kind of travel you or any of your friends has been looking for all along. The challenge is, these accommodations will not be found on the first page of a fancy magazine or in a famous film show. They don’t have that budget to be placed in those places. The advantage is, they have stayed off the beaten path. When you want to travel in this special way, the best option to start with is to change the way you look for these special holidays.

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The few hints of looking are; talk to a friend who has just visited the same way you like to; go on Google my business, visit trip advisor, visit booking.com, and any other of the like platforms. You will likely find hands-on valuable feedback. They are most accessible by the low-budget/high-value accommodations. I know it may be challenging when you have to believe, be brave, and trust, especially if you’re a student of your past experience. Luckily enough, with the elephant home, you won’t regret your decision.

The elephant home is one of a kind. It is an accommodation located in the bushes opposite Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is the most accessible yet most hidden lodge, only known to the people who have stayed there. The location of this lodge was formally a cotton garden. The land was converted from farming to tourism by the local community. This was to enhance community coexistence with the elephants and other wildlife that used to ride the local farms.

Owned and run locally, the local community managing it seems to understand beyond the traveler’s expectations. Privacy, hospitality, connection to the people and wildlife, hygiene and cleanliness, delicious food, the location and accessibility, travel and holiday information, hospitable local guides, lots of local activities to participate in, are key areas that are well catered for. Guests may want more, but at least they won’t rule out most of these topics that the elephant home pays close attention to. As you can see from the reviews written about the elephant home, you will find that they rank high on the very important priorities of most travelers.

This is why Rainforest and community tours have always taken the elephant home first priority when it comes to Queen Elizabeth national park Safari. This lodge has accommodated most of our happiest guests at this national park. Without a doubt, the feedback of most guests has pointed at the above key areas.

During the stay at the elephant home, the guest gets a chance to share an intimate story from the people living with wildlife. This gives every guest an opportunity to stand at the feet of the common person living in the village next to Queen Elizabeth. Through this enterprise, we have appreciated the power of simplicity. It kind of brings us close to our guests, the community, and the local environment in the neighborhoods of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Many projects gearing local community empowerment, awareness-raising, and environmental conservation have been supported by the elephant home lodge. Women, men, youth, and children benefit from the operations value chain and community outreach from the lodge. 

Now that you consider staying at the elephant home during your next visit to Queen Elizabeth national park, you have made a good step towards a perfect stay. If you take a step to visit the community during your stay, you will likely be impressed as you learn about the various projects being supported by this lodge.

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The range of projects supported includes skills training, production, and marketing support for local goods and services, youth empowerment programs, supporting proper waste management and environmental pollution control, provision of relief and aid to the vulnerable households during the intense need for survival, support on food production to fight excessive hunger, tree planting and buffer conservation support, supporting the creation of local development partnerships, renewable energy for household use and employment through the establishment of local salable products and services.

During your stay at the elephant home, you can be sure that you won’t be bored. This lodge not only provides one of the most hospitable accommodations in the area but also offers the longest list of wildlife safaris integration with community activities, of all budgets and duration. From here, it is possible to visit other communities around the park, engage in volunteer projects, take self-guided walks at the property and share with the households to understand their daily livelihoods that are relevant to the larger habitat.