A101 brilliant stay, at the elephant home

Queen Elizabeth National Park is truly a combination of wonders that you won’t find anywhere else in Uganda. However, the stay at the Elephant home makes this visit more meaningful. The people, the wildlife and the landscapes only come live at the elephant home guesthouse and campsite. You should see what other visitors have had to say about it!

What is special about this lodge?

Easy to access, closest to the National park gate, yet located outside the park and you can arrive flexibly any time. This works well for new visitors to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Many are amazed by the warm heart of the staff. They are so hospitable! Jason knows what to do for every guest.

The elephant home

Starting your day after a good comfortable night in the spacious rooms that go for a very low price makes you want to stay longer that your trip plans. Compared to the neighboring hotels, the elephant home is more connected to guides who will arrange any activity you want to do in and out of Queen Elizabeth. For those who don’t want to stay in the rooms, the elephant home offers other options including; the safari tent, the raised camping platforms with a roof or just pitching our own ten on the ground or on the raised platform.

What can you do while you stay?

The wildlife safaris on Kasenyi tracks, Hamukungu, or on Mweya peninsula are a must do with the elephant home safari guides and drivers. They offer all sorts of safari cars of your dream trip. These cars and guides are always on standby and so it is easy to arrange for the next day, on arrival. However, booking a little in advance will always earn you some level of success in finding availability.

The Kazing Chanel boat cruise is top on the list of the must do activities when you stay at the elephant home. Booking, payments and pickups (if you choose) can be done from the elephant home. It is invaluable value for your money having the right safari services in just one place. For those who want to explore a little, the staff at the elepnaht home will give you information on how to go by self around the park and sarounding communitues.

Guests interested can be able to go to far attractions like the Kalinzu forest, Ishasha plains, the crater lakes or to the Rwenzori mountains for a day or two. This community lodge will even book and make payments for you on all activities you choose to go to. This is a flexible holiday if you choose to stay at the elephant home during your visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Important to note; the Elepant home also accepts credit card payment for all activities. This gives you the liberty to travel cashless.

Besides the safaris in the park, the Elephant Home is the hub for community experiences in and around queen Elizabeth National park. The lodge team takes guests to different community encounters. These range from the bodaboda safaris, farm tours showing you how vanilla, cocoa, and cotton, coffee bananas and other crops are grown. You will roll around the hills to meet the farmers in their working attire in their rural home setting. How interesting to be with the locals!

Other village experiences include the traditional dances, basket weaving workshops, village hill treks, visiting the equator line, visiting the lake Katwe salt pans or the fishing villages on one of the many lakes around the area.

Does the elephant home supports sustainability?

The Elephant home supports local social projects that you can visit too. These include the children empowerment, adult education for women, charcoal briquette making and waste collection, tree planting and other household income initiatives. You can visit these on the village walk that can be organized at short notice. On this village walk, you will be inspired how the local people relate with the national park.

Do you want to go to Queen Elizabeth National Park today? Now you know where to stay. you can contact us here or the lodge directly, to place your booking.