Bwindi eco-farm with a unique Batwa experience.

Community Enterprise name: Bwindi Eco-farm
Location: Nkuringo gate, Sanuriro village, Bwindi impenetrable National Park


The location on the hills in the remote areas of Bwindi, Nguringo leaves the local residents with very little hope for water, food, or access roads to their homes. Like, many other surrounding villages, Sanuriro village is mainly covered by tea gardens as a key cash crop. Nyasio, a local resident has chosen to make a difference by establishing a food crop farm to address food scarcity in his family and the surrounding community. It requires extra effort to provide manure, water, labor, and security to the farm amidst scarcity in this hilly village. This calls for hard work and innovation on the farm. He has had no option but to train the short Batwa people, on how to grow some of the tallest bananas in Uganda.

Here, this farm gives visitors an opportunity to spend a day or a few hours on this mountainside with the Batwa people, experiencing a memorable moment of living with the Batwa. Sitting on 2 acres, this land has been planned to maximize the use of manure, water, and labor. It is an all-inclusive farm with few animals, (cows, goats, chickens) to provide the most needed manure. With a forest to supply the energy and building materials, Nyasio is able to spend all his time on this farm to ensure high production, skills exchange with the local community including the Batwa people. This farm is a food spot. Local people in the surrounding village, frequent the farm to buy foods including bananas, sugarcane, yams, and others for food or for resale as household businesses.

Nyasio’s effort has empowered the whole village. He also provides classes and job opportunities to the Batwa to help them earn the necessary income and food for their households. Now Nyasio has integrated tourism. He has opened the farm to welcome tourists to come and learn as they support his effort. This is one way he will continue to address climate change challenges on the farm, and empower the local village with access to food, income, and skills using the tourism benefits and connections.

Activities you can participate in:
• Batwa forest life experience:
• Batwa music and dance performance:
• Batwa skilling experience:
• Bwindi eco-farm tour:

Duration: Each activity takes 60-90 minutes. The full experience takes 4-5 hours

• Farming with the Batwa on the farm
• Learning how to use local tools
• Harvesting and eating local fresh foods
• Batwa traditional stories and dances
• great scenery of the hills and forest

What to bring:
• Insect repellant
• Buy drinking water from Nkuringo
• Walking shoes
• A hut as the area may be hot
• Sun cream
• some cash for tips and buying gifts
• Camera and binocular

Accommodation option
• A leveled ground for camping with a pit latrine is available on the farm

• Camping $ 10 per person – Bed/ own tent
• Each activity 15$
• Full day experience 50$

Responsible travel:
• The employment opportunity for locals,

• Training and skills to the locals
• Support the Batwa marginalized group of people
• Market for the local goods and services

Nyasio Byamukama:
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TEL: +256 706581477 Whatsapp: +256 780278010