A memorable moment of living with the Batwa people at Sanuriro village

You will be impressed when you get a chance to visit the Batwa and live like them For one day or just hours, in the hilly communities overlooking the Bwindi forest. You will be inspired by how these indigenous people have managed to coexist with the Bakiga tribe and can now have a smile despite the many changes that have happened in their life since they were displaced from the forest, their original traditional home! It is a story of joy that you won’t forget all your life.

Most Batwa people can’t read, write or speak English since they haven’t had much opportunity to attend a modern school. However, they are a very innovative group of people that have mastered their life both in the forest and as they adapt to the life outside the forest.

Fortunately, Mr. Nyasio, a local Mukiga young man, and his family have been of great help to the Batwa. He has lived with them all his life. They share the same village since his father offered the Batwa part of his land, to live on when they were displaced from the forest in the 1990s. Through a series of activities at Sanuriro village, Nyasio shares the story of his life with the Batwa and the many achievements he has had with the Batwa positively contributing to the local life, in Sanuriro village.


You will spend time with the Batwa as you tour the local farms of sugarcane, bananas, yams, mountain cows and goats, and fish ponds. Nyasio has trained the Batwa to introduce them to farming. You will have an opportunity to share the farming lessons, and later, stay with the Batwa at the social center that they have established on this farm. At the social center, you will enjoy the music and dance sessions before you head back to your lodge.

  • Batwa forest life experience: You will be taken through the stories of living in the forest, and highlight what they miss most about their life in the jungle with the gorillas.

  • Batwa music and dance performance: The Batwa share the same dance as the Bakiga, but the sounds are quite different. During this dance, the forest sounds echo in the village as they sing, dance, and move to the strokes of the local Bakiga tribe.

  • Batwa skilling experience: This is an opportunity to learn from Batwa people, while they learn from you. It is a knowledge exchange activity. As they teach you their local way of life, you teach them the basic living and survival skills of the modern world. Lessons include crafts weaving, cooking, household chores, music, dance, or just storytelling.

  • Bwindi eco-farm tour: Participate in the farming activities with the Batwa as they are trained by Mr. Nyasio on his farm. Bwindi eco-farm supplies food to the local community members including the Batwa. The crops on the farm include bananas, sugarcane, yams, fish ponds, cows, and other vegetables. You will have a chance to harvest and or participate in cooking and eating some of the fresh harvests. In a talk with Nyasio, you will also earn the system he uses to give food to the Batwa people for survival.

The tour is charged either as a full package or the individual activities. You will be required to pay a little extra to buy local gifts to support the Batwa innovation. All the tour payment is retained within the village to support the farm and livelihood activities of this Batwa community.

  • Full package: USD 50.00 per person
  • Each activity: USD 15.00 per person


  • The tour experience
  • The guide
  • All demonstrations in the activity/ package of choice


  • Transport to and from Sanuriro village
  • Water and any meals or snacks
  • Tips and gifts purchase
  • harvested foods to take away

Important Note: 

  • Accommodation for this holiday can be booked at any lodges in the Nkuringo, and Rushaga sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
  • Please contact your tour operator about transportation and hotel booking.

What to bring:

  • Walking shoes
  • Insect repellant
  • Hat and sun cream is a must
  • Cash for tips and gift purchases
  • Local drinks and snacks
  • Binoculars for bird watching (optional)
  • Refillable water bottle