#1 commendable cheap accommodation at Kibale NP.

This is how to travel cheaply, comfortably and off the beaten path for your accommodation at Kibale national park. For easy access, comfortable nights, a pool of community experiences and the most hospitable people

Why this is the best accommodation at Kibale National Park

Tinkas homestay beats all accommodations on this. It is a place where you share a home with the locals in the most comfortable and affordable way. Did you know that Tinkas homestay charges the lowest price in Kibale destination and yet gives a lot more value than any other lodge in the area?

All meals, accommodation, the home experience can be given at one small price charged in Uganda shillings.

The Homestay is easy to access, just behind Bigodi town. The rooms are twin and double in a self contained house. Those interested to stay outside the main house, the Homestay has external cabins. The grass thatched open huts in the garden of this home stay make it a lovely spot to chill and mix with the rest of the family. you wont forget the lunch moments filled with stories, you have with the family in these huts.

During the stay, guests have their private rooms but share the living room, dining area. Guests are free to participate in all actvities at their will. Food harvesting, preparation, cooking and serving.

Tinka is s senior citizen of the area. You will share a rick story of the local nature and cultural heritage from them, especially Tinka John.

It is easy to arrange your Chimp trek through the home and then you can quickly transfer to the gate by private or public transport just passing by.

Accommodation at Kibale

More goodies that come with your stay at Tinka’s homestay

What more would you want in your accommodation in Kibale national park? from this accommodation, you can arrange dive in over 15 community guided tours and experiences around Kibale National Park. These include the famous bigodi swamp walk and other excursions.

If you’re travelling beyond Kibale, you have an opportunity of getting a rich contact list of other community accommodation options around the country while you stay. For this travelling to Rwenzori and Queen Elizabeth, one more previvalle awaiats you at Tinkas homestay, you will get a commendable discount at Ruboni community camp – Rwenzori and The elephanthome – Queen Elizabeth national park if you stay at Tinka’s homestay.

The discount at these two accommodations can go up to 20% off. Don’t worry if you will stay at Tinka’s homestay after Rwenzori or Queen Elizabeth. The proof of booking Tinka’s homestay is enough to earn you this discount as well.

Food and diet at Tinka’s homestay

The home prepares both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. It is important to communicate your special diet requirements at booking time. like other community accommodations, most of the food ingredients cooked at Tinkas homestay is locally farmed. This makes them fresh, mainly organic and with a very low carbon footprint.

The income from this produce sinks better in the local community supporting sustainable livelihoods. You will listen to this story when you stay or you will even have a chance to visit some of the gardens.


Tinka’s homestay is located next to Bigodi town, 38km east of Kbale National Park on Fort portal Kamwenge road. Access can be through Mbarara – Ibanda Kamwenge (143km) or through Fort portal town. Those coming from Bwindi will not have to go through Kasese, unless they have to go to Queen Elizabeth, as connecting from Mbarara to Ibanda is shorter.