A visit to the Primates, and indigenous people (7 days)

  Get immersed in the natural and cultural heritage of Uganda on this seven days primates trip. You will visit the Chimps in their natural habitat of Kibale national park to learn the living charactoristics they share with us humans. Meet some of the indigenous people who live near Rwenzori mountains and Kibale national parks to participate in the life they have lived for hundreds of years neighboring these wildlife habitats. admire the the local subsitence farms patched on the hillsides, traditional architecture, the local markets and listening to the interesting but varying local dialects and sign language. Meet and mix with the locals like one of them. You will be visiting the least visited areas and you will discover the traditional secretes of farming, healing, conservation and education. The activities include the cultural tour of the tooro kingdom, the coffee and banana farms or homesteads of the traditional mountain people. You will go deeper into nature by tracking chimps in Kibale forest national park or you may choose to stay with them for the whole day during the habituation experience. Kibale forest is home to one of the world’s highest chimp population density in their natural habitat. You will also visit the magombe bird sanctuary, a paradise of nature in Kibale national park neighborhood. Then you will take a guided walk in the natural forest reserve of Ruboni community camp located in the foothills of Rwenzori mountains national, to look for the little animals unique to this area, such as the elusive three horned chameleon.


Day 1: Transfer from Kampala, Uganda’s capital to Fort portal B Day 2: Explore Fort portal area cultural villages and communities (BLD) Day 3: Transfer from Fort portal to Kibale forest national park where primates are found (BLD) Day 4: Chimpanzee and other primates tracking in Kibale forest, best in Uganda for chimps (BLD) Day 5: Transfer from Kibale – Rwenzori mountains foothills villages and communities (BLD) Day 6: Explore Rwenzori Mountains and foothills (BLD) Day 7: Return from Rwenzori to Kampala (BL)   Accommodations options of this trip This trip can be matched with the following accommodations in the different categories Budget/ community accommodation,
  • CVK lakeside resort
  • Ruboni community camp
  • Tinkas homestay
Mid-range accommodation
  • Hotel Sojovalo
  • Rwenzori View GH
  • Chimp nest
  • Equator snow lodge
Luxury accommodation
  • Sheraton hotel
  • Primate lodge
  • Mountains of the moon hotel
  • Equator snow lodge
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