The magical cats, primates and Ssese island beaches trip(13 days)

  Discover Uganda’s natural beauty in this trip that takes you through her landscapes, wildlife, forests and magical beaches on lake Victoria. Packaged in this 13 days trip that brings you to the wildest jungles of your life, you will find the  cats in their active moments roaming in the Savannah of queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls national parks. you will also be welcomed by the primates and gorillas swinging on the vines in the jungle and get inspired how close they are to humans. the trip takes you to five national parks and ends with an opportunity to navigate Lake Victoria to the sand beaches of Ssese island. Lake Victoria is a fresh water lake that joins the three countries of east Africa. you will not forget sunrise on Ssese islands.


Day 1: Arrive Entebbe airport and transfer to Kampala, Uganda’s capital city Day 2: Transfer from Kampala to Boomu campsite near Budongo forest/ Murchison falls Np (BLD) Day 3: Community exploration and transfer to Murchison falls national park (BLD) Day 4: Explore Murchison falls national park game drives and boat cruise (BLD) Day 5: Transfer from Murchison to Kibale national park for chimps and primates (BLD) Day 6: Explore Kibale chimps and other primates then transfer to Rwenzori mountains (BLD) Day 7: Community activities and transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park (BLD) Day 8: Explore Queen Elizabeth national park with game drive and boat cruise (BLD) Day 9: Transfer from Queen to Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorillas (BLD) Day 10: Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forest (BLD) Day 11: Transfer from Bwindi impenetrable national park to Kampala: (BLD) Day 12: Transfer from Kampala/ Entebbe to Ssese islands and explore on arrival. (BLD) Day 13: Explore Ssese islands and transfer to Entebbe for the flight out of Uganda (BL)   Accommodations options of this trip This trip can be matched with the following accommodations in the different categories Budget/ community accommodation,
  • Back packers Natete
  • Boomu women’s campsite
  • Tanka’s homestay
  • Ruboni community camp
  • The elephant center campsite
  • Ruhija gorilla friends resort/ Nyundo valley hill
  • Trekkers Tavern cottages – Ruhija
  • Ssese backpackers
Mid-range accommodation
  • Hotel Sojovalo
  • Budongo Eco lodge
  • Chimps nest
  • Equator snow lodge
  • Marafiki safari lodge
  • The haven lodge
  • Ssese island beach resort
Luxury accommodation
  • Sheraton hotel Kampala
  • Nile safari lodge
  • Primate lodge kibale
  • Equator snow lodge
  • Mweya safari lodge
  • Mahogany springs
  • Ssese island beach resort
  • Ruhija Gorilla Lodge Bwindi
On booking this trip, quote RFCT11. 
Recommended Accommodation for this Trip