Nyamughasana Community Tours

These are the most exciting excursions. Suitably located in the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains, with options of forest treks, farm / agricultural tours, waterfalls visits, and cultural tours. Three different trails are currently on offer, showcasing the nature and local way of life in this mountain landscape.

Here you will find natural escapes that take you to the most serene jungles where you get closest to nature.

Kyanzabiri waterfalls

Get an opportunity to meet the households and village people in the local setting, at their farms, cultural heritage sites, homes, and agro-processing centers. You have chances of participating in all processes of farming and producing local crop-based products including coffee and vanilla. 

Three different trails are on offer. Among them are options of forest treks, farm and agricultural tours, and hill heritage treks. All trails have numerous cultural encounters, making them a true showcase of the local way of life in the Rwenzori mountain foothills.

Take an opportunity to meet the households and village people on their farms, at cultural sites, homes, and at agro-processing centers. You will be participating in all processes of farming and processing local crop-based products including coffee, vanilla, and others.

A coffee plant ready to be harvested

Besides agriculture, during this visit, you will get a deeper insight into the local culture. Learning how Bakonzo tribesmen turned rocks into iron to make tools for home use, hunting, and war weapons.  On an overnight trek, you will be led to the traditional home where ancient Bakonzo fortune tellers used to bless barren mothers to enhance their fertility. They would also wash women’s bodies with special herb concoctions that would make them conceive twins.

A prayer with the locals here increases the fertility rate of local women. You could even get yourself a pair of twins after the visit if that is what you wish for.

Please contact us to arrange for you a day visit taking this community experience.