Outstanding Rwenzori scheduled trek (7 days)

Do you want to join a group trek on the Rwenzori Mountains? We have found two trips on the Rwenzori scheduled trek category going soon. These are probably the trips you will never forget in your life. To join these treks you must be having 7 days available on your schedule, ready to meet interesting strangers, willing to learn the life of indigenous tribes in Uganda, and willing and able to go outdoors for five days deep in nature without connection to the artificial world. It is about going off the grid into real natural living on Africa’s most unique landscape, with snow at the equator.

Why you must join:

Finding a perfect team to trek with is not easy, or even impossible, but at-least this team is very exciting. it is an opportunity for you to get off the routine of friends and hook with strangers around the jungle with for once. If you’re not good at it like me, I bet by the end of the trek, you will know how to manage the differences of living with strangers in the jungle.

The price is another catch. I have never seen people trek Rwenzori for the price that is being charged for this trek. Ideally, all is included. You just need to be at the base-camp on the day and leave at the end of the trek after an exciting camp fire night with goat roasting. Leave the rest to the organizer. Park fees, food, porters, guides, ranger fees, camping gear, fire and gas for energy, and a private chef all through the trek.

Guess what? I won’t tell you the price here now, because you will be in shock. It is too low and may raise so many questions! Contact us today. The prices differ for the Ugandans, foreign residents and for the foreign none residents. This is mainly because of the park entrance fee differences on the same. Otherwise, we charge the same price for the costs and logistics, and therefore give the same level of services.

Requirements for the trek:

Deposit 30% of the trip price when you reserve your spot. Payment can be done by cash, mobile money or credit card. The rest can be paid on the day. At booking, you will be required to tell us if you have any special requirements such as diet and any other.  The payment details will be shared to any inquiries made to this website or any other partner websites.

You will also require peak climbing equipment. These can be supplied for hire at the base camp. They include climbing boots, harness, ice axe, crampons, snow glasses, helmet, and warm gloves. Other general items will be listed on the packing list to be supplied to interested persons who contact us.

Rwenzori scheduled trek

What you get for the price you pay:

You get two porters, one guide, camping space with all gear, all food, general/ shared climbing (rope) equipment, park entrance and activity. The biggest of all is the fun and abundance of immersion in untouched nature.  Please don’t be tempted to swim, because the lakes and rivers are too cold for life.

Personal items are not included. These will be shown on the packing list that will be shared. These include clothes, personal items, insurance cover and others as you will see on the list. Some other items required and not provided within the budget can be offered on request (at a n additional fee) these include transport to and from the base camp, from your location to where the trek starts, accommodation and meals at the base camp, insurance cover and others of choice.

Distances and altitude/ elevation gain on this Rwenzori scheduled trek:

The starting dates of the two available treks are 20th January and 5th April 2024. Then the trek will go on for 7 days forward. Something very special about these trips is, they will be outdoor camping. What a fun moment these will be! On the tent and on fire at the camps; closest to nature than most people have ever been.

To understand the altitude gain and distances, an itinerary with these details will be supplied to the interested persons. The general idea is, the trek will start at Ruboni Community Camp (1600m) and go up to 5109m above sea level as the highest point in five days, then return to 1600 in two days. Each day, we trek for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 hours depending on the pace. Some people take shorter or longer though. Most important, the journey is exciting in a unique landscape that most people have lever seen.

Common site on the trek and in the camps:

Mountains, rivers, unique plants, wild animals such as monkeys, Rwenzori red duiker, chameleons, birds such as the Rwenzori Turaco, lakes and wetlands. All landscape is unimpacted an filled with unique plant life including beautiful flowers such as the Rwenzori everlasting. You will be viewed lands that have never been touched by humans for hundreds of years.

While in the camps, you have an opportunity of sharing your days activity. Making fun of each other is a good game that most people like to play. On the journey, it seems like one person has seen more than all the others. Delicious meals, coffee, hot drinks, fire stories, sharing the local culture of the Bakonzo in relation to the mountains and retiring in your sleeping bag for a good night.

Food and diet on the mountains:

On the trip, the organizer caters for all diet options. It is important to know your preferences at booking. This is to ensure the team is well fed with all essential nutrients. Vegetables, meat, cereal, nuts and all others. Most importantly, drinking a lot is a key requirement. We supply hot water for drinking all the time. Packed powder juices can also be supplied to add to the water. We also bring coffee, tea and porridge. All members are supposed to have a water bottle (as will be seen on the packing list)

All treks start and ends at the Ruboni village base camp with a camp fire at the Community Visitors Centre. You can see this location on Google maps or view the Ruboni village map, and follow the location with any means of transport. Join our trek today or pay close to double the price somewhere else.

transportation can be provided on request. this way, we will be able to pick guests from Kampala, Kasese or fort-portal. We also provide reliable information on how to travel from other parts of the country to the Rwenzori base camp