Packing List for Rwenzori trekking to margarita

  1. Non-cotton shirts
  2. Long sleeve shirts
  3. Waterproof hiking boots
  4. Pairs of pants
  5. Sandals for changing while in the camp
  6. Extra pairs of socks
  7. extra pair of shoes for staying in the camp
  8. warm underwear
  9. scarf
  10. puff jacket
  11. Poncho. (Rain overcoat)
  12. Rain jacket
  13. Waterproof pants
  1. Waterproof bags like Ziplocs for protecting your items from rain
  2. Hot water bottle (optional)
  3. Water bottle (a camelback is handy)
  4. Large backpack/ Rack sack
  5. Small backpack (day pack)
  6. Good sleeping bag (below -3 degrees)
  7. Headlamp
  8. Microfiber towel (or a handkerchief)
  9. First aid kit (personal)
  10. Extra camera battery and extra memory cards
  11. Trail snacks
  12. Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses
  13. Water filter/ purifying tablets
  14. Trekking items of personal preference (have to be within the maximum 22 kg allowed)
  15. A power bank and solar panel compatible with your rechargeable gadgets (should be refilled every time you have a chance)
  16. Toiletries of choice of personal preference
  17. Prescription medications (if any)
  1. Climbing rope (provided within the budget)
  2. Mudguards
  3. Pair of crampons  
  4. Harnesses       
  5. Ice axe            
  6. climbing boot
  7. Rubber boots
  8. Snow glasses
  9. Helmet
  10. Warm Gloves
  11. walking poles (walking stick)

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