Special offers for every traveler

You’re about to get access to a pool of travel offers for all travelers planning to visit Uganda. If you don’t shoot, you have already missed. So why not try your luck today?

What is the special offer for your trip days? This is the question every guest asks when they get here. We ask you to get ready to be impressed throughout your holiday in Uganda.

Every month, we offer interesting deals to travelers who want to discover Uganda’s nature and culture in the most unique way. It is possible that everyone, starting from you, now, could grab one or several of these offers. At the Uganda trips, anything can earn you a special offer. Even our contactless check-in is able to earn you a free drink during your stay with us! Huh, sounds crazy but true.

Is it the mountain trekking, wildlife safaris, unique cultures, or study purposes that have attracted you to Uganda? All are covered in our specials. Take a look at all offers that are available on a timely basis;

Rwenzori trekking package:

This offer is available to three people in three different groups per month. At a 40% discount, we arrange your trek to the Rwenzori Mountains, for up to 8 days. It is a perfect offer for tour operators who want to try Rwenzori but also for guests traveling on a low budget.


Every month, we offer 30 free beds to the lucky guests, subject to availability. They are on the bed and breakfast accommodation basis, to the guests who stay in our lodges. This month, the bed could be available at the destination you plan to visit. we have accommodations across Uganda next to all national parks. Contact us to find out and the offer could be yours.

The points program:

Starting from June 2021, you can accumulate and redeem trip points with us. Each point is very easy to make. You can also get the points from groups you book for, friends, and relatives and use them to get almost all our services. Our services you will be able to buy with your points include transfers; safaris, and accommodation with enrolled lodges around Uganda. At these enrolled lodges, you can also use points to pay all your direct costs of meals, activities, gifts, and or transfers.

Volunteer and skilling opportunities:

We offer free accommodation for all our volunteers. The volunteer positions are at the community projects around Uganda. With this opportunity, you can choose to spend the accommodation money to change the lives of the local people who need it most, by directly spending it on their life-changing projects.

We also offer training and a special staff exchange program between our community enterprise implementers, staff, and interested organizations. This is to enhance skills sharing between people from different life settings and business models.

In-kind payment for your trip:

You may have the skill and expertise that one of our communities needs. You can be sure that this expertise can be a perfect way to pay for your holiday. An example is, sharing your safari photographs will pay for your stay at the lodge we support. With this arrangement, you will only need to buy meals, drinks, and other extras. The good pictures of our sites and activities will pay for your bed, activities, and guides. there is a lot more about this. Contact us today to grab your offer.

Payment of your trip in installments:

Saving for travel can take a long time. Open an account with us, deposit installment, and stay with us when you make 100% of the agreed price. Try it today if you think this can make it easy to cover your safari in all categories of trekking, adventure, accommodation, and meals.

Gift certificates:

We sell gift certificates that cover part of a full holiday in different destinations around Uganda. Our certificates are a perfect gift for your loved ones, friends, and family members for those special moments in their life. A certificate will cover accommodation, tours or safaris, and meals

Events management:

If you want to give back to the community and the environment during your trip to Uganda. The management costs can be exorbitant to the extent of scaring you from meeting your dream. This is now covered. We will manage all your conservation or development events at zero cost. Just pay the price of your trip car hire or hotels and your even management is covered too.

You set the price and we implement the trip:

After all your price research, if you still can’t find someone offering the price you want. Just mention your price and we will do the trip at your preferred level.

Important to note;

  • Each person is entitled to one special offer, each time.
  • The offers are given subject to availability.

If you find something that seems to be in your travel direction and interest, or if you’re not sure whether your area is covered, just contact us today to take the last remaining opportunity.