The Community tourism enterprise clinic

This is a facility that is set to provide affordable and flexible tailored training or support to the community-based tourism enterprises across Uganda. Most of the support is provided remotely and digitally, where the Community Based Tourism Enterprises Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs), are reached through social media and other internet platforms.

The Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) share their challenges and the experts, who may be another Community-Based Tourism Enterprise (CBTE) member or a non-community member, provide a response in a way to guide the CBTE to address the challenge. This response is posted on the platform for the particular Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) and all other members of the community to access.

Soon or later, when resources allow, the tourism enterprise clinic will explore opportunities for community skills empowerment and capacity building outside the digital avenues, by holding physical meetings, training sessions on appointments.

The tourism enterprise clinic comprises the following two Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTE) support programs;

The tourism initiatives register
The Community-based tourism initiative register is a section of the tourism clinic that deals with the statistics and profiles of community-based tourism enterprises according to regions, destinations, or attractions. It is the entry point to the tourism enterprise clinic.

This register is currently being piloted in the Rwenzori region by early 2021, this is a collection of operational Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) of all ages and categories. Their data has been submitted and profiled to show the level of development, membership, beneficiaries, target community, activities and services(tourism products) being offered, the community development/ conservation services, and the associated challenges.

The purpose of the register is to have a record of these enterprises so that they can be easily vetted for any partnerships, development, and support opportunities. In the future, an interactive digital version of this register will be created to make it easy for the Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) to check and update their information and the partners to be able to swim into a pool of CBTE partnership opportunities digitally.

Training, mentorship, and coaching
After Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs) have their information profiled in the register, they are better placed for support. They can therefore be vetted or accepted for support from the tourism enterprise clinic. This is an arrangement of training and support on demand. Communities assess their needs and apply for training. This can also be delivered through the timely updated knowledge exchange database that is based on the needs assessment done by the tourism enterprise clinic.

At different moments, the training and coaching section of the tourism enterprise clinic will solicit partners in CBTE capacity building and training. This will be based on the needs assessment and the profiled information in the tourism initiative register. It is under this section that the Tourism enterprise register will partner with the learning institutions, students and researchers to be placed at the registered Community-Based Tourism Enterprises (CBTEs).

The website
Marketing space has been provided on this website. This is targeting community-based tourism products that are ready to sell. This space is open to all CBTES that have market potential, including the beneficiaries and none beneficiaries of the tourism clinic.

Through this component, we provide the most diverse mix of community-based tourism enterprises in Uganda, represented in all National Parks in the country. we will provide innovative marketing strategies that will enable community-based tourism enterprises to stand out from the crowd of tourism holiday options in Uganda. This will massively enhance the integration of community experiences in all safaris and trips conducted by RFCT, the independent travelers, and other tour operators. As a sustainability strategy of the RFCT support to CBTEs, this section has two options of paid and free listings. you can see more information about the listing options in our pricing structure