1 outstanding way of Getting to Ruboni village, from Kasese town

If you’re planing to do a community guided tour in Ruboni, here we have provided you with information regarding getting to Ruboni village. this information is prepared for people who have never been to Ruboni before and i bet you will find this direction information useful.

Ruboni Tourism Village is located in the Rwenzori Mountains foothills, Kasese District, Western Uganda, within the Albertine Rift valley.

To access or travel to Ruboni Tourism village, you will either be coming from Kasese or fort portal town. the direction will depend on where you’re coming from.

support map on getting to Ruboni village

getting to ruboni village

From Kasese town, drive for 10km north on Kasese – fort portal road. When you reach at Nkenda Electric terminal (Kisanyarazi) looking at the key landmark of many metallic electric poles, turn left and drive on marrum road.

If your’re driving from fort portal, you will drive for 8km from Hima town and rich mubuku trading centre. Just after crossing River Mubuku, you will branch off right at Nkenda Electric terminal (Kisanyarazi) The key landmark here is the metallic electric poles on the right.

From the branch off, you will drive to your hotel / accommodation or destination in Ruboni Tourism village. Based on your booked hotel, this may take up to 18 km on your way towards the park gate.

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