Easy Transport to Rwenzori, in the year 2024

Are you planning to travel to Ruboni Village? We have great suggestions for transport to Rwenzori area, that will likely work for you. The choice of transportation for your journey will largely depend on factors such as pickup location, group size, and desired level of comfort.

If you have been wondering how to travel to Rwenzori, this article provides you many options that cater for a range of budgets and interests. we start from the most luxury options and end with the extremely budget options. You will be surprised that the lowest price for a transfer to Ruboni can be as low as just 20000 Uganda shillings. Please explore over ten transportation options that you can chose from, organized by pickup location:

Ruboni village in Rwenzori foothills is approximately 376 kilometers away from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda..

Categories for car hire transport to Rwenzori

Price for 1-3 people in one car (3-seater):

  • From Kampala to Ruboni: 700,000 Ugx
  • From Fort Portal to Ruboni: 250,000 UGx
  • From Kasese to Ruboni: 100,000 UGx
  • From Mbarara to Ruboni: 360,000 UGx
  • From Bwindi to Ruboni: 700,000 UGx

Price for 3-5 people in one car (5-seater):

  • From Kampala to Ruboni: 1,100,000 UGx
  • From Fort Portal to Ruboni: 360,000 UGx
  • From Kasese to Ruboni: 100,000 UGx
  • From Mbarara to Ruboni: 500,000 UGx
  • From Bwindi to Ruboni: 1,100,000 UGx

Price for 7-10 people in one car (10-seater):

  • From Kampala to Ruboni: 1,800,000 UGx
  • From Fort Portal to Ruboni: 500,000 UGx
  • From Kasese to Ruboni: 100,000 UGx
  • From Mbarara to Ruboni: 500,000 UGx
  • From Bwindi to Ruboni: 550,000 UGx
transport to Rwenzori

For groups larger than ten, please contact Ruboni Tourism Village. Please note that prices may change upwards or downwards without prior notice.

Other transportation categories:

Boda-boda transport:

  • Kasese-Ruboni 20000 UGx pp

Bodaboda refers to motorcycle taxis with local drivers. Each can carry one passenger and limited luggage. It’s available for trips from Kasese to Ruboni (28 km). You can also take a bodaboda from Fort Portal (83 km), although this isn’t recommended. The estimated rate is 1200 UGx per kilometer.


Public Bus:

  • Kampala-Kasese 50,000 UGx pp
  • Fortportal-Kasese 10,000 UGx pp

The bus departing from the Link Bus Station will take you from Kampala to the main towns, including Kasese town. On this route, the bus travels along the Kampala-Mubende-Fort Portal-Kasese route. As of now (2024), the average cost of transportation from Kampala to Kasese is around 50,000 UGX which is equivalent to $15. From Kasese, you can then take either a special hire taxi or a bodaboda for a distance of 18-28km, where the previously mentioned prices for these transportation options will apply.

Pro tip: If you opt for a bus ride, it’s better to depart from Kampala early in the morning, preferably before 6 am, to avoid morning traffic.

Shared taxi (Matatu):

  • Kampala-Fortportal 40,000 UGx
  • Fortportal-Kasese 10,000 UGx
  • Mbarara-Kasese 25,000 UGx

This is a small 14-seater van (sometimes smaller), commonly referred to as a Matatu in Kenya. They travel from all over the country, connecting big cities. However, due to the low level of comfort, they are not recommended for long distances. They can get very full, as they are shared between many people. If you still would like to have this local experience, search for cars marked by a line or dotted strip with a big (T) somewhere on the body. The pricing varies, but these are the cheapest options after bus transport. For planning purposes, estimate around 200 UGX for each kilometer driven. They are common on the Fort Portal-Kasese road or Kasese-Mbarara road.

Flights to Kasese:

It is also possible to fly from Kajansi, Entebbe or any other small towns of Uganda, to Kasese airstrip. these small planes always fly on schedule but can also be chartered. for prices and more information about these flights, contact Aerolink Uganda and your flight needs will be sorted.

As transport prices may change without prior notice, please contact the lodge before you travel so that you can confirm the transportation trends and prices at the moment. For more information about Ruboni, you can also view the sightseeing map of Ruboni Village here.

scheduled transport option:

In a partnership with Ruboni community camp, we have created an opportunity for you, who may want to use shared scheduled transport and save both the time and some money. scheduled transport is conducted between Ruboni community and Kasese town, on a 28km route.

We have seven trips going every day. four trips from Kasese to Ruboni and three trips from Ruboni to Kasese. At the moment (2024), each passenger is taken at 25000/- on one trip.

the following are the trips and routes per day;

7:00amRuboniKasese town
9:00amKasese townRuboni
11:00amRuboniKasese town
1:00pm:Kasese townRuboni
3:00pm:RuboniKasese town
5:00pm:Kasese townRuboni
7:00pmKasese townRuboni

To join the ride, one must book at least three hours before the trip time. This means you can book on the same day when you set off from Kampala.

The scheduled transport option is not only for Ruboni. it serves all accommodations within Ruboni village and starting from Rwakingi up to Mihunga park gate. You can view the map of Ruboni village here to get an idea based on the hotel you have booked. the route involves driving from Kasese up to the park gate.

Originally, there has been a challenge of lack of scheduled transport going to Ruboni. This was hurting the tourism businesses in the destination. we have set this option to mitigate the challenge and enable the guests to travel more easily, cheaply and timely.

This is a partnership with the local taxi drivers. the drivers can be happy to add any other trips required by the guests at no extra cost. for this reason, please don’t be shy to tell us the different times you want to travel, if it is outside the scheduled trips.

It is important o note that, any trip can be scheduled if booked at least three hours before its time. Since night trips can be challenging to arrange, they may attract some little extra money, and they must be arranged during the day time.

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