Quick Kazinga channel Boat wildlife safari -101

Do you want to do Kazinga channel boat wildlife safari? Most travelers visiting Queen Elizabeth will participate in wildlife safaris on Kasenyi tracks and the Kazinga channel boat cruise wildlife viewing experience. Yes, these activities are exceptionally unforgettable. In most cases however, it may be inconveniencing to get them organized harmoniously. The timing, the payment, the information may all come in different dimensions of prices, timing and standards. The elephant home is a perfect solution to this.

Image from Kazinga channel Boat wildlife safari

kazinga channel boat wildlife safari

From the elephant home, you have the liberty and flexibility to take a well consolidated queen Elizabeth experience that ties together the key attractions and activities. It is not only cheaper, the lodge also gives guests an opportunity to pays these activities after you do them. This is the community’s assurance of quality services that you won’t find anywhere else in Queen Elizabeth. Cashless payment is an option too.

With the stationed safari guides, safari cars, and own community boat, the elephant home gives a peaceful process of arranging the safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Instead of dealing with over five people to arrange the different activities, it saves time and adds value when you save the management costs since the elephant home organizes everything at no additional administration fees.

How to book this experience?

Wondering how to grab this great opportunity? Just book by contacting the Elephant Home directly through their website, or call us today to make your booking.

Here is how to get to the Elephant home from Kasese town. It is located at Kikorongo village, 20km on Mbarara road. With public transport, take a matatu going to bwera or mabarara from the taxi park. Tell the driver to stop you at Kikorongo. The elephant home is located 20km from kasese town on mbarara toad. The loadge sits on the right opposite the park, 1km before kikorongo junction. You can also look for the location on google maps.

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