Rwenzori Homestay, your perfect guest house before and after you Summit the Rwenzori Mountains

You probably can’t wait any longer to experience the Rwenzori trekking challenge. When it is finally the time to go, Remember that Rwenzori home stay has been a choice of many who want to experience this area beyond the mountains. At This home stay, you have a great view of fore peaks these snow caped Mountains.

The home overlooks the great heights of the blue forested portal peaks, and the foothills. The experience and showcases the local way of life through the foods, meeting with people, on the farm and the available walks that you can freely take through the surrounding residential villages.

This guesthouse is located on the trail to the Rwenzori summit, through the Nyakalengijo central circuit gate at Mihunga village. with great preparedness and information that will be given by the host at Rwenzori homestay, your Rwenzori mountaineering experience will always be exceptional.

Rwenzori mountains park gate

Rwenzori homestay is connected to local guides that will show you everything in the Rwenzori Mountains and villages, than any other person. These are local experienced guides that have further been trained to do the job. They know hoe to relate the Rwenzori to their local life when you look for the chameleons, primates, viewing the Rwenzori Turaco and other animals unique to the Rwenzoris.

In case you want to dine out, there are many places you can have meals. These places include the Snow heights lodge, (former equator snow lodge) and Ruboni Community Camp. The home is located next to the community visitor’s Centre, where you have an opportunity to enjoy local affordable meals, and drinks at discounted prices while you mix with the local people.

During and after making it to the summit of the Rwenzori mountains, gift purchase is also possible from the home-stay. You will find a fully stocked gift shop at the community visitor Centre. Beside crafts, you can also buy locally farmed foods such as coffee, vanilla, Honey and locally made banana wine to enjoy instantly or take to your loved ones back home.

Locally made baskets

Indeed the Rwenzori homestay gives a full spectrum of Rwenzori Mountains from the landscapes, cultures, the foods and culture. In certain evenings, the village members perform the cultural songs and dance at the community visitor’s Centre. You will have an opportunity to participate in these events if you have time in the evening. During the event, you will learn how to sing, dance and play local musical instruments. Just come with some change to pay a small fee that will be charged for attending the event, to support the local community

For those who like to do their own cooking, the home has a kitchen, running water and electricity. You can also shop local foods and vegetables from the food basket that is located in front of the community Visitor’s Centre. Buying food from this stall supports the local girl child go back to school. It is owned and run by a local child empowerment initiative called; Child Education Recovery Action (CERA). You will hear more about CERA during your stay.

Besides providing accommodation for those trekking the Rwenzori Summit, Rwenzori homestay is ideal for people who want to explore the beautiful Rwenzori foothills. The homestay will introduce you to the local guided village tours. These include Ruboni village walk, Ruboni forest trails and the Ruboni hill trek.

In the village walk, you get a chance to meet the local households in their local setting, to show you their livelihoods such as storytelling, traditional healing, Blacksmithing, basket weaving and local farming experiences. on the forest trail, you will be looking for the Chameleons, snakes, birds, the variety of plant life and some times primates crossing from the park. on a lucky day, you can spot the great Rwenzori Turaco in this forest. The hill trek can sometimes be an over night or a day experience. the tiop of the hill is 2400m abve sea level and the highest in the village. while at the top, you have an opportunity to veiw margarita peak if the weather is clear.


Before you book your space at Rwenzori home stay, you can first read what our past guests have said about Rwenzori homestay. Today as you get ready for your mountaineering experience that will take you to summit the high snow peaks of Rwenzori.

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