The tree planting tour: 1 best travel option

This tree planting tour is an activity you should definitely be part of during your trip around Uganda. Many guests kept saying they wished they could stay longer, after they were locked up by the tickets of the Gorilla trip in Bwindi. Everyone must plan enough days for this activity, equivalent to how much love they have for trees. It is a hands-on tree planting activity where you also learn very may things about tree planting and how the people of Ruboni village relate to the environment.

A perfect way to travel sustainably.

In this activity in Ruboni village, you see it yourself as travel helps the four pillars of sustainability. Helping the local people, the environment, the local economy, and the traveler. Many have called it, the the most affordable and sustainable tour on their trip.

For just 20$ from your trip budget, and the much love for nature in your spirit, the local youth are made able to prepare the seedlings, the farmers plant the trees on their plots of land up the hills, the local landscape is restored and fertility regained in the long run, the hotels and other local businesses make business from the travelers stay in Ruboni village.

tree planting tour

How it works

In the process of planting trees, the local women and youth earn some income from transporting and planting trees, and the traveler who participates in the planting of trees get the satisfaction from planting trees and contributing to sustainability.

The Ruboni Tree planting activities consider a mix of indigenous and fruit trees. In future, when the trees have grown, the local people will freely harvest and eat the fruits and wildlife flourishes from the same.

Besides, the tree planting package of 20$ (by the year 2023) included a free camping spot on a safe, secure and clean campground at the Ruboni community visitors Centre. This means if you chose to stay in Ruboni village you can as well mention that you will plant trees and it is all covered, by you choosing to stay at the Community Visitors Centre. At the campground, you can also buy local foods and drinks while mixing with the locals.

Those who want more comfort during this tree planting trip can choose from the many hotels located in Ruboni village. Contact us for the list of these hotels when you reserve space on the tree planting activity. The hotels available range from Luxury like that in the Snow Heights Lodge to budget options.

Participating in the tree planting tour experience:

Greening is a role of everyone living on earth now. travel has made it easy for people to even plant in areas far from their homes. The tree planting experience can be arrange any day, for visitors who come to Rwenzori. It is easy to book and arrange your slot. Even it is possible to arrange on arrival. The trees, gardens and other planters are ready and always planting trees.

However, booking two days or longer in advance will be much better for planning. To note also, Ruboni community implements mass tree planting during the rain seasons of August to December every year. This is good if you want to plan ahead. You can contact us for more information about the tree planting tour and activities in Ruboni village

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