Briefing for Ruboni Community Camp guests

We thank you for choosing to visit Ruboni to either stay with us or to do our activities. By choosing Ruboni community, you have chosen that your trip benefits should go directly to the local community that owns and runs Ruboni community camp and her associated tourism activities. Thank you very much for choosing to put a smile on the rural economically challenged households.

As you set up for your visit, I would like to give you a few hints that may help you to be more prepared for your visit/ stay with us. Please read on…


The main packing list for Ruboni includes a warm layer, rain gear, and insect repellant. A specific detailed packing list will be provided based on the activities you want to do. These activities may range from walking in the community forest, trekking to the hills, walking in the village, to trekking the Ruwenzori Mountains up the margarita. Here you will find a packing list for the margarita trek that covers the general items you will need for this trek to the highest and lower peaks of the Rwenzori mountains.


Ruboni community camp provides accommodation, restaurant, and bar. We also coordinate a list of over eight different community activities that you can participate in during your stay with us. Though it is easy to arrange the activity of choice on arrival, it is better to have a peek idea of what activities you will have to select from. The activities that we offer can be found on this link.

Payments and finance:

We are not a cash-only business. You have three options of payment methods you can use. These include; Credit card payment, mobile money, wire transfer, and cash on arrival.

All credit card and mobile money payments will call for a surcharge to cater to the withdrawal and transaction fees. On a credit card, it will be a 4% charge while on mobile money it will be on a case-by-case basis, mainly depending on which mobile money network provider, but won’t exceed 3%. You can contact us to find the local mobile money rates at your time of travel to Uganda.

Ruboni community camp is located 26km from the nearest ATM machine. Please plan appropriately. Even if you will pay cashless, we recommend that you can carry some cash to buy local gifts and give some tips. Tips and purchase of gifts are not compulsory but are one way to increase a smile on the local service providers so we highly recommend them.

Conduct: We guarantee that you will have a good stay with us. This is based on our past experience and our knowledge of the local hospitable and friendly people. However, we encourage you to listen to your guide regarding the local way of life. This way, you will be able to express yourself to the locals in the most appropriate way that allows the people to welcome and entertain you in their local culture and way of life.

Rooms and capacity:

Ruboni community camp is a small lodge that takes a maximum of 20 people per night. Our rooms are twin and double basis. We have self-contained and none self-contained rooms. Hopefully, by the time you receive this, you have gone through the reservation processes and have selected which room you will take. It is important to specify if you want a twin or double so that we can arrange for you before arrival.

Diet and special diet requirements:

At Ruboni, we prepare both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. Vegan meals can be prepared at prior request. We cater to special diet requirements on request. Please share with us if you have any special diet requirements that we must know.

How to get to Ruboni Community Camp:

Ruboni community camp is located 26km from Kasese town. For those coming from Fort portal, you don’t have to drive all the way to Kasese town. You will branch off right, at Nkenda electric terminal on Kasese fort portal road, 9km before Kasese town or 8km from Hima cement factory. The main landmark here is the many metallic electric poles on your right just after crossing the river Mubuku bridge. From the branch off, you will drive for 17km towards the Rwenzori Mountains National park gate. The accommodation is located on the left, about 1km before the park gate.

Ruboni Community Camp can also be found on Google maps. This app will show you directions from any location if you ask for directions to Ruboni Community Camp.

Contactless check-in (zero space for covid19):

Due to the emergence of covid19, we have modified some services. We are always committed to keeping our guests, staff, and community safe from covid19 and other emerging health risks. This is done through our “zero space for covid19 strategy”.

Since we can only succeed by preventing covid19 as a team, we encourage you to help us minimize the chances of spreading the virus by using our contactless check-in system. You can contact us for the contactless check-in form. you will then have to fill out this form and return it to Ruboni Community camp through or WhatsApp at +256752503445

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