If you’re looking to participate in changing the world or changing someone’s life, complete your study thesis, and share your experience, here is an opportunity to travel differently as you seek your goal. 

You have an opportunity to stay and work with local communities in Uganda. The placements are commonly located next to the National Parks and wildlife reserves offering one of the most commendable beauties and landscapes of Uganda.  During the placements, you will have an opportunity to take days off to enjoys sightseeing, wildlife safaris and community encounters, using your residence as the base. If this sounds interesting or closer to your dreams, take the time to volunteer with us.

 Space is available for volunteers and interns in Uganda. We will place interested volunteers in our community projects around the country.

Our projects implement activities in the rural Uganda, in areas of;

Choose your theme of interest and apply today. We have available slots for the following time table;

20th Apr.  – 25th Jul. 2021Three MonthsTen volunteerssubject to availability
20th Jul. – 25th Oct. 2021Three monthsTen volunteerssubject to availability
20th Oct. – 25th Jan. 2022Three monthsTen volunteerssubject to availability
20th Jan – 2th April 2022Three monthsTen volunteerssubject to availability
20th Apr.  – 25th Jul. 2022Three monthsTen volunteerssubject to availability
20th Jul. – 25th Oct. 2022Three monthsTen volunteerssubject to availability

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Ranforest and Community Tours (RFCT)

Nyakalengijo Cell, Ibanda-Kyanya town Council

P. O. Box 320 Kasese

Western Uganda

Tel: +256 706581477

Whatsapp: +256 752503445

Email: info@ugandatrip.com

Website: www.theugandatrips.com

This is probably the best and most flexible place you will find that career opportunity in a volunteer placement you have been looking for. Save your time, money and earn peace of mind when you arrange your volunteer placement in Uganda with one of the most varied lists of community development initiatives.

At Rainforest ad community tours, we have built the capacity of tens of Community based development initiatives around Uganda. The majority of them offer volunteer placements that are easy to arrange in the shortest time and at zero cost. You’re able to take the placement for any duration you plan to spend. You can read more about the volunteer placement projects here.

Contact us if you need any more information on how you can get placements that don’t require you to pay any money to secure them.

It is necessary to start descending the margarita by 10:00 am (latest) as the weather has changed a lot and often even during the dryer season the mountain is closed in with heavy clouds and snow falls from 1 pm to 4 pm and this happens within a short period of 10 to 15 minutes as the clouds rise up from the extensive Congo rainforests.

During January and February 2017 clients were closed in and unable to walk during heavy snowstorms which previously were not heard of during the dryer season and arrived back at Margarita camp well after dark with one group arriving back at 11 pm totally exhausted. Due to this change in weather, we have set a strict turnaround time of 10 am so if you do not reach the peak before then you must turn around regardless of the disappointment in the interests of safety.

Margherita glacier has also suffered from global warming and as the outer edges of the glacier recede the ice is becoming steeper with one section of about 200 meters more than 60% grade. Combined with this much of the blacker has melted underneath causing caves under the ice and as it gets thinner eventually caves in. So is necessary that clients understand and take the advice of where the guides suggest passing.

For those clients with less mountaineering experience, we suggest that you stay on Stanley glacier and climb up to a good vantage point on a rocky outcrop on the southern edge of Alexandra Peak to enjoy fantastic views over Congo and the lower mountain ridges

Entering Uganda with a drone requires prior approval by the government security and civil aviation authority (CAA).

Are you planning a trip to Uganda with your drone, for the memorable moments of your dream safari? Please know that you will need to plan well ahead so that you get it through the airport without any hustle.

Please read-on to get more information about the guidelines. You can also contact us or any other travel agent of your choice to get this simple procedure completed in time.

This is how it works

Use of a drone will require application to and assessment by the Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) who will then forward the applicant to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Provisional process for CAA authorization to operate.

On satisfying the previous requirements, UCAA issues the Applicant

Currently, CAA accepts use of VLSO type of drones. If you have a BVLOS, you will have to first inquire at the time of travel, to see if it will be accepted.

The guidelines are subject to change and will be checked for the time of travel. Please contact us at your time of travel.