Accommodation for Theluji festival and Tusker Lite Rwenzori Marathon, in Kasese, August/ September 2023

On the dates of 23rd August to 3rd September 2023, all roads lead to The Rwenzori region. Specifically many people including Ugandans and foreigners will be flocking Kasese municipality, to participate in one of the largest annual tourism events of Uganda; the Theluji festival and Tusker Lite Rwenzori marathon.

Are you looking for accommodation or activities to do during Theluji festival and the Tusker Lite Rwenzori marathon? This is the place where you will find that accommodation that is both affordable and giving you the value for your money, while benefiting the indigenous communities.

Though we understand that this will be the time participants want to join the most cheerful and happy crowds, we are making sure that this event also becomes the best opportunity for you to be as private and close to Rwenzori nature and culture, as you have always dreamt.

The accommodations:

The kind of accommodation we will give you during this time is Peaceful, spacious, self contained, clean and private. They are all located in natural setting with a mix of bushes, wildlife, and scenery and closest to the National Parks both in Savannah and the Mountains. The two national parks the accommodations are located next to are; Rwenzori Mountains National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Thius gives you a chance to make your choice which location you like.

Considering that the Theluji festival and Tuskler Lite Rwenzori marathon are going to be in and around Kasese municipality, our accommodations are most suitable for the participants who want to reach the event venue without much struggle of transport, access and connections. All our accommodations are accessible by road. Besides, we have driver guides knowledgeable of the area, that will be able to provide the transfers at a fee.

Yes, our accommodation facilities are accessible by good road, are run by friendly staff and all operated by the locals. Our experienced chefs will feed you with our local cuisine to give you the best memories during and after the marathon.

 Our accommodations that  are still open for booking during the annual Theluji festival and Tusker Lite Rwenzori marathon include;

Distance and driving time:

The elephant home is located 20km south of Kasese town on Kasese-Mbarara tarmac road. It only takes you only 15 minutes drive to the event venue. Ruboni community Camp is located 28km north of Kasese town (off Kasese – Fort portal road) on marrun and tarmac roads respectively. It takes 30 minutes drive time to the event venue in Kasese municipality.

Why choose our accommodation:

What makes this accommodation unique is that, they are small and personalized. We focus on giving guests the privacy they deserve and yet enable them to mix with the community as much as they wish in our community activities.  Besides, we have dedicated experienced indigenous guides and transport providers at our facilities. Guests who stay with us get their safari or community activities organized at no additional costs.

Yes, we are not for large groups. We are for people who like to be private while they immerse in the beauty of our nature and culture around the Rwenzori Mountains or Queen Elizabeth National Parks. The Elephant home is only 10 people at full capacity while Ruboni Community Camp is 16 people at full capacity. This leaves a lot of space for nature and for our special guests like you, whenever you stay.

The smallness of our lodges give our guests a feel of being close to nature in our nature surrounded and scenic locations.

 These accommodations are also fully owned and run by the local communities living near the national parks. This is why our staff and communities are able to share with our guest, the most accurate story of their life with wildlife, during the stay.

From the lodges, we organize community guided tours, wildlife safaris and daily excursions that are easy to organize on arrival. When you participate in these tours, you will be able to use all your times between the theluji festival and Tusker Lite Rwenzori marathon events.

If you want a non congested accommodation with personalized hospitality, then you should choose one of our accommodations. Near one of the two National Parks.

Other accommodations:

What happens if you don’t like any of our accommodations or if we are already full? We have a solution for this. We will not leave any guest in the dark. Since we have very limited beds, we are making sure we don’t overcrowd our place beside the many bookings and inquiries. We do understand that not all participants will have a chance to stay with us.

We have a list of other accommodations in Ruboni village, where guests can stay subject to availability. We will be happy to book you in and organizes all your travels, tours and meals or other activities on request.  

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