Mahoma Trail Trek (3 Days/ 2 Nights)

On the three days- two nights trek, you will be trekking the wilderness with an abundance of nature and some points with mind-blowing scenery. This trail is suitable for those who want to experience the Rwenzori Mountains without trekking the high peaks. With an experienced guide, a team of porters, and a private chef, this trail takes you to traverse the foot slopes of the famous Mountains of the moon. The trail goes on a 28km distance, past Lake Mahoma as your camping site for the last night. This lake rewards you with one of the most scenic views. As you arrive here, relax or take short wilderness walks to take the mountain views in different directions over the lake.

Rwenzori is home to around 217 bird species and 70 mammal species. You will be privileged to explore these and many more during this trip. The common site is the unique scenery and the unique plants. Other wildlife encounters that you can find based on luck include; the three-horned chameleons, the Rwenzori Turaco, and other wildlife endemic to these mountains.

On this trip, guests will make their way to the base camp early morning or the day before the trek. However, pickup or transfers can be arranged on request. Since this trip is counted from the base camp, all prices are fixed per person since they are only direct costs. However, special discount considerations can be considered for groups, upon request.

Price per person:

  • Each person joining the trek - 460$


  • Experienced English speaking mountain guide
  • Park entrance fees and park ranger fees
  • Full board accommodation on the mountain camps
  • B & B accommodation at the base camp, before and after the trek
  • All charges and taxes on park activities done
  • Mountain porters and guide
  • Energy (gas or charcoal in the mountains)
  • Private chef /catering equipment /Tent-(camping option)


  • Visa fees (if required) require an online visa application and prior approval (EA visa at 100$)
  • All bar drinks and extras at the hotels
  • Insurance cover.
  • Air ticket
  • All Optional Activities and activities of personal interest not on the itinerary
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat

Booking Code: UG trip-21

  • Arrival day

    Arrive at the base camp. If arriving on the day before, guests will be accommodated at Ruboni community camp. This is the best day to take a briefing and check your trekking packing list. You can also choose to acclimatize by taking some of the community walks or in the evening you can attend the cultural festival to get to know the local people more. Everything must be together before dinner. Those arriving on the same day of the trek will need to arrive by 8:00 am on the trekking day, to be able to brief them and check their luggage in time.
  • Day 1: from the base camp to Omu kakiiza camp

    The first trekking day starts from (1615m) at the base camp to Omuka Kiiza Camp (2,977m above sea level) today’s trek starts with a relatively steep trail. However, the trail has been designed to cut the terrain making it easy for all guests. The guide will take you through the 7.2 km trek that goes through a lush forest on the ridge that offers breathtaking views of the Mubuku River trailing the valley. You have high chances of spotting some wildlife which includes; chimpanzees, Blue Monkeys, Columbus Monkeys, the three-horned chameleon, and some unique forest birds. The most favorite bird of the day will be the colorful Rwenzori Turaco. This bird shares this forest with a multitude of other birds, making the journey a good one for bird lovers.
  • Day 2: Omu Kakiiza Camp to lake Mahoma camp

    Early morning, you have a choice to do morning walks around the camp, return to breakfast and set off to the next camp that will be at 2990 meters. The trek today will take you an estimate of 6.6km, up to the highest point of 3030 meters (the highest point on this trail) before descending to Lake Mahoma. Today’s night camping will be at Lake Mahoma. Lake Mahoma is the largest and most accessible of the over–twenty lakes in the Rwenzori Mountains. The common vegetation on today’s trail is bamboo sparse trees and some mountain shrubs. The trail will sometimes lead you through the mountain elephant tracks. Look out for the fresh footmarks of this large mammal. Mountain elephants are known to be shy and more aggressive. This makes it hard to find. Lucky guests have sometimes spotted them at a distance as they take a drink from the hot springs. As you near the lake you will find some unique alpine vegetation such as the giant lobelia, tussocks, and everlasting flowers.
  • Day 3: Lake Mahoma camp to the base camp

    On this day, you will complete the Mahoma trail trek ending at the park gate to the base camp. With a ranger, the morning is a good time to take a short walk that gives you an opportunity to take some pictures of the scenic lake views. Take the suggestion of the ranger which walk will be the best based on his knowledge of the area. Return to breakfast and then descend through the forest zone with a mix of bamboo, heather, and the lichen handing off trees like “old man's beard”, from Lake Mahoma to Nyabitaba hut. At Nyabitaba, you will join the central circuit that will lead you to the park gate.
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